CAPM® Boot Camp

ON DEMAND CAPM® Certification Prep Boot Camp - 90-day access

This On-Demand CAPM® course is designed to comprehensively prepare students for the CAPM® exam. Access intensive course lessons without limitation, from any computer with a web browser. Includes studio quality course lessons, 23 PMI contact hours, online access to CAPM® practice question simulator, all study materials, exercises, and references.

Here's what the course includes:

Over 23 Hours of Interactive Lessons and Material, Available On-Demand Each course milestone contains interactive training lessons designed for On-Demand learning and busy schedules. Complete the entire curriculum in order, or re-visit training lessons as many times as you like.

Accreditations and Credits Earned

This course is officially recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and includes the required Contact Hours to take the CAPM® exam; as well as PDUs. Pre-approved for 23 PMI Contact Hours and includes 23 PDU Credits for those already certified.

CAPM® Sample Question Simulator

90-day access to realistic CAPM® exam practice questions with detailed explanations and page references to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® Guide for every question. 

CAPM® Exam Prep Course Manual (E-Book)

A critical CAPM® exam course supplement, the included course manual aligns with the course lessons and is packed with CAPM® study tips, exercises, and references. Download and read on the go, or print out for use offline.

250+ Printable CAPM® Course Slides

Over 250 printable CAPM® exam prep slides are included, providing students with notes that reinforce course lessons and summarize important CAPM® exam concepts.

Full CAPM® Mock Exam and Knowledge Quizzes Included

CAPM® practice questions are used to test your knowledge following each PMBOK Knowledge Area lesson. The CAPM® quizzes in this course also provide detailed explanations for each question and answer. A full CAPM® mock exam is also included.

CAPM® Glossary, Test Taking Exercises, and More

In addition to all of the above, benefit from our extensive CAPM® glossary which covers hundreds of PMBOK terms, project exercises that cover scenarios you are likely to encounter on the exam, and more. All of these tools are included with your course registration.

Course Progress Checklist to Successfully Register with PMI

With our easy to follow course progress checklist, successfully registering to take the CAPM® exam is a breeze. All contact hours are documented for you, and can be printed out from the course.

Project Plan "Pyramid" Study Aid

Designed to reinforce the overall Project Management Plan, this tool clearly lays out all major components involved in project planning. A critical tool to reinforce the processes and documents involved in the Project Management Plan.

Here's how it works

Once you register and your registration is confirmed (usually within 2 hours), you will receive emails containing instructions for your online access.  You will also receive the bonus materials directly to your inbox.

It's that simple!  Register now and you're on your way to CAPM® certification!

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