Our consultants are among the very best in the business.

It’s not easy to manage projects in today’s business environment. You need resourceful consultants with the ability to get the job done. SoftKey’s team will get the job done! We are relentless and focused on removing obstacles and overcoming hurdles to deliver. If you are tired of wasteful consultant practices, let us show you a better way to deliver business benefits.

At SoftKey, we pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of our project management consultants. We can help you, the technology executive, to implement new technology and bring products to market. Our consultants have expertise in the entre product and project life cycles from concept to obsolescence. SoftKey can lead your team or provide a team to address any gaps in skill sets.

We specialize in software development, system development and implementation, and technology-based projects in general. Our process considers every aspect of your organization and the potential impact on the project. We corral resources, motivate them, and ultimately persuade them to perform the tasks required. We serve as role models so that your resources learn how projects should be managed. Whether your organization uses an agile or predictive development approach, we can help.

Since its beginnings in 2003, pm U. has grown significantly in its corporate sector by offering customized training to corporations. The growth in large part is due to its processes to identify the needs of an organization and match that with the right instructional program(s) to solve the need. SoftKey pm U. is not only one of the oldest project management training organizations in the business but also one of the best at utilizing solid instructional design principles to tailor and develop courseware for our clients.

Our Approach

For any engagement, SoftKey typically begins with a needs assessment to identify the goals and objectives. We conduct interviews with key stakeholders to understand the organizational culture and overall big picture. We also assess the competencies needed to accomplish the work and identify any gaps. The needs assessment ends with an informed, thoroughly thought-out roadmap to outline the strategy to meet the needs. Roadmap development begins and ends with you, and you are engaged throughout the process.

Agile or Waterfall

Regardless of the development approach, a project is a unique problem to be solved, within a desired timeframe and specific budget. Keeping the fundamental objectives and constraints in mind is not easy, but we cannot simply ignore the ones we like least.

Our consultants use a common-sense approach to develop a roadmap that works for the specific problem at hand, and employ best practices to achieve the desired goal:

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Decision makers available and embedded in teams
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Simple and updated visuals
  • Daily communication to keep the work moving
  • Iterations, mock-ups and early prototypes
  • Early and often review of deliverables by end-users
  • Stakeholder engagement throughout the process

The above practices help minimize risk, rework, issues, and confusion on projects and help speed up delivery, increase confidence, and overall enhance customer satisfaction.

Not an All or Nothing

When deciding the best approach to deliver a project, it is not necessarily an either/or question between agile and a more predictive form of delivery. Rather, based on practical implementation of projects in the business world, we may need BEST PRACTICES from multiple development approaches working together.

Whatever the development approach, SoftKey can help.