Bern Steiner

Senior Key Account Manager at Freudenberg-IT

I HIGHLY recommend SoftKey pm U.’s educational offerings, having just completed one myself. Not only was the instructor an expert in PM subject matter, but she was also very in touch with industry needs, plus she makes even terse material seem interesting. Very, very satisfied, and enthusiastically recommend pm U.

Eric Cheng

President, Medical Devices at New Richmond Consulting LLC

I took one of SoftKey pm U.’s courses for the PMP® exam. The material worked great. I did the sample questions, homework, and final exam. (It helped that I had the exam scheduled in 2 weeks time, so I knew I had to do it). The information was presented and distilled in my head very well. I took the practice final exam once and another practice final exam once. I passed the PMP® exam with proficiency in all areas and got my certification.

Ezra Stern

PMP IT Project Manager at CTRLV

If there is one recommendation that I can make more than anything is that I passed the PMP® exam on my first attempt after taking the PMP® Boot Camp. From the moment I signed up to register for my contact training hours to meet the application requirement, SoftKey was in full communication about what to expect. The course itself was the boot camp 4 day offering, and while my thoughts on digesting the quantity of information, the instructor was able to segment each day to be take full advantage of the course load and constraint of knowledge which could be internalized each day. The presentations were clear and concise and the follow up questions helped solidify the days teachings as well as provide perspective for personal knowledge gaps to focus on. After taking the course, the instructor was able to provide feedback on my application before submitting to PMI and provide guidance on how to submit an application and what to do in case the application was audited. Finally after shortly after the course, SoftKey pm U. offered a follow up "crunch time" crash course which was unexpected but appreciated. I highly recommend the course to prepare for the PMP® exam, my views of the exam and materials are different and better for taking the course than when I studied on my own. Thank you SoftKey!

Kenneth Williams

PMO Leader - Program Leader - Change Leader - PMP, CSM

I am so glad I found SoftKey pm U. (th PMP® bootcamp is THE BEST! First time pass -- not stress. Ihighly recommend you reach out to SoftKey pm U. for your training needs!

Scott Diamond

PMP Program Manager, SAP Cloud Platform | Manager, Professional Services at Virtustream

Having worked with Connie Maldonado (PMP® instructor) previously to plan a successful event with PMI®, it did not come as a surprise that her energy and enthusiasm for all things project management would be an asset when educating PMP® candidates in a classroom format. Connie’s PMP® prep boot camp course is exceptionally well planned and delivered. Her command of the content and ability to help students to place the PMBOK® Guide material in context with practical experience separates her as an educator. Her course, the materials provided, including her slides, practice questions and simulated practice exam were just about all that was needed for me to pass on my first try. Connie also makes herself available to assist with any gaps or to advise on study strategies. Without hesitation, I highly recommend the PMP® Certification Prep Boot Camp to prospective PMP® candidates.

Bob Hartmann

PMP, ACP, CSM, MSMIS Sr Project Manager at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

SoftKey pm U. provides excellent PMP® instruction. I have known her for many years. I recently attended the 4-day PMP® prep class and was very impressed with the instructor’s knowledge and subject matter expertise, as well as the great attitude and genuine desire to help students. With SoftKey’s help, I passed the PMP® exam. The class is a sound investment of your time and resources.

Timothy Smith

President at SmithVance, Inc

I completed the 4-day PMP® Exam Prep Bootcamp recently and found the course to be invaluable. Connie's instruction was thorough, thoughtful and well rounded. I was successful on the PMP Exam and I would attribute a significant part of that success to the preparation from her course. Excellent Instructor! Highly recommended.

David Blyer

President, SPSS ETD

“As a result of our successful engagement, SoftKey is our preferred project management consuting vendor. SoftKey assisted us in improving our application development methodology and optimizing our internal/external resource productivity levels by improved resource planning.”

Jose Curtis

VP, Business Solutions Group Southern Wine & Spirits

I would recomment SoftKey as a partner for any corporation that truly wants their initiatives and employees to be successful. Softkey was instrumental in developing a project management methodology customized for Southern Wine and Spirits which allowed us to better define our projects. The methodology is streamlined, direct, and allows us to get various audiences and stakeholders up to speed on initiating our projects and executing them. Softkey also assisted Southern with PMP® certification. SoftKey presented our students with well documented materials and extremely knowledgeable instruction. Once the initial education classes were completed, Softkey continued to work with our candidates throughout the application, study, and test preparation phases. This was over and above our expectations. As a result, Southern Wine and Spirits now has 32 Project Management Professionals (PMP) and one Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).